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Introducing SRCD’s Child Policy Hub

On May 10, the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) announced the launch of their Child Policy Hub. Child Policy Hub was designed with leading policy and academic experts with the goal to transform SRCD’s policy programs. The Hub, exclusive to SRCD members, includes a suite of policy trainings and programs that will give members new ways to improve evidence-based policymaking. Members will be able to answer policymakers’ research questions, access new trainings, network with policymakers, hear from esteemed scholars, submit ideas for policy briefs, and more. To learn more, visit here. SRCD is a COSSA member organization.

Upcoming AAPSS Webinar: “Media Policy for an Informed Citizenry”

On April 17, The American Academy of Political & Social Science (AAPSS) will be hosting an open webinar titled “Media Policy for an Informed Citizenry: Revisiting the Information Needs of Communities for Democracy in Crisis”. AAPSS is a COSSA member institution. The topic of this webinar is based on the May 2023 edition of The Annals, a scholarly periodical produced by AAPSS. The webinar will discuss how people obtain news and information and how changes in technology have influenced the availability and reliability of such information. The webinar will be moderated by Molly Laas of the Social Science Research Council and will feature experts from…

AEA to Host Summer Evaluation Institute

The American Evaluation Association (AEA) has opened registration for the Summer Evaluation Institute which will take place June 26-28 at the Washington Hilton in Washington, DC. The Summer Evaluation Institute offers development workshops for all experience levels of evaluators as well as applied researchers, grantmakers, foundation program officers, nonprofit administrators, and social science students. More information about the event can be found here. Any questions can be directed to AEA is a COSSA member organization. All COSSA members can receive a 10% discount on general registration costs with the code SUM_COSSA24.

AAPSS Announces 2024 Academy Fellows

On March 13, The American Academy of Political and Social Science (AAPSS) announced that they will welcome eight new scholars as 2024 fellows this fall. AAPSS is a COSSA member organization. Every year, the AAPSS selects a small group of scholars and public intellectuals to become fellows of the academy, recognizing their contributions to social science and the extent to which their work has deepened public understanding of social dynamics. The 2024 Fellows of the AAPSS are as follows: Read the full announcement here.

APSA Seeks Executive Director

The American Political Science Association (APSA) has initiated a search for an Executive Director. The Executive Director is expected to lead and represent the Association through developing strategic plans and goals, communicating with members, managing the staff and budget, and overseeing Association activities. A full list of responsibilities can be found in the job description here. The candidate is projected to begin the position around August 2024. APSA is a COSSA governing member organization. Applications will remain open until the position is filled and questions about the job posting can be directed to 

AAPOR Awards Deadline Extended

The American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) has extended their awards deadline to February 21. AAPOR has a portfolio of awards to recognize distinguished work in the profession, as well as to further the education of students and early career researchers. AAPOR is a COSSA governing member association and welcomes and encourages diversity in all aspects of the research profession, including their award nominees. Learn more about the different awards that are open for submissions here. Don’t wait to send in your nominations!

AAPSS Hosts Webinar: Civic Education in a Time of Democratic Crisis

On January 16, the American Academy of Political and Social Science (AAPSS) hosted a webinar on “Civic Education in a Time of Democratic Crisis.” Esteemed panelists convened to address the pressing need for a revitalized approach to civic education. Amidst deep political division, the webinar underscored the critical need to revisit and enhance the teaching of government, philosophy, and civics within our educational institutions. The panelists collectively called for a nationwide public dialogue aimed at redefining the content and methodology of student engagement in civic education. They stressed the importance of incorporating diverse historical perspectives and fostering an environment conducive to civil…

AAPSS to Host an Upcoming Webinar: “Civic Education in a Time of Democratic Crisis”

On January 16, The American Academy of Political and Social Science (AAPSS) will be hosting a webinar titled, “Civic Education in a Time of Democratic Crisis: Charting a new agenda for bipartisan and effective learning in our contentious environment”. AAPSS is a COSSA member institution. The webinar, moderated by William Galston of The Brookings Institution, will highlight research from a multi-disciplinary team of researchers to describe what works in civic education, and it will feature a dialogue on re-orienting teaching and learning toward meaningful civic outcomes. Panelists will discuss how educators can more effectively teach civics and how to best prepare…

APA Releases Report on Countering Misinformation

The American Psychological Association (APA) released a comprehensive report addressing the challenges of misinformation, particularly in the realm of health, well-being, and civic life. Providing eight recommendations for a collaborative effort between scientists, policymakers, media professionals, and the public to combat the spread and impact of misinformation: APA is a COSSA governing member. To read the full report, visit here.

Sage Publishing Launches Sage Policy Profiles Tool

Sage Publishing has officially launched their new tool, in partnership with Overton, titled “Sage Policy Profiles“. The tool is free-to-use and enables individual researchers and academics to easily discover how their work is impacting policy. Additional functionalities of the tool include: Sage is a COSSA affiliate member. Learn more about the tool here.

SPSP Launches New Advocacy Resource

On October 16, the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) unveiled their new State of Research report designed to help anyone interested in leveraging personality and social psychology research to address societal challenges. SPSP is a COSSA governing member. The State of the Research resources offers easy summaries of personality and social psychology research findings that can inform practical policy solutions. The report focuses on the following key priority areas: Interested parties can learn more about the report here or download the full resource here.

SSRC Announces New Criminal Justice Fellowship Program with Arnold Ventures

The Social Science Research Council (SSRC), a COSSA member, has announced a new criminal justice fellowship program with support from Arnold Ventures. The Arnold Ventures Criminal Justice Innovation Fellowships will support five post-doctoral fellows who are pursuing policy-relevant causal research designed to innovate and evaluate cost-effective and scalable policy solutions that advance the efficacy and equity of criminal justice practices. The Fellowships will begin in September 2024, are available for up to three years, and will provide salaries of $120,000 with full benefits and annual increases. Applications are due January 15. More information about the program can be found here.

UCLA Psychologist Dr. Shelley E. Taylor Awarded National Medal of Science

On October 24, President Biden announced the recipients of the annual National Medal of Science and National Medal of Technology and Innovation, the nation’s highest honors for discoveries and advancements in science and technology. Among the 2023 recipients is Dr. Shelley E. Taylor of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), a COSSA university member, who received the National Medal of Science in Behavioral and Social Science. Taylor is a health and social psychologist, known best for her research in socioemotional resources and positive illusions. The full list of award recipients can be found on the White House website.

Register for the 2023 Sage-CASBS Award Lecture

On November 16, the 2023 Sage and Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University (CASBS) Award Lecture will be taking place. Back in June, Sage and CASBS announced Elizabeth Anderson and Alondra Nelson as the winners of the 2023 Award (see previous coverage). Sage and CASBS are both COSSA members. During the event, Elizabeth Anderson and Alondra Nelson will deliver their award talks, then join in a moderated conversation. The event will conclude with award presentations. Anyone interested in attending can watch the livestream here or register to attend in person here. The event will be streamed live online…

AAPSS 2024 Daniel Patrick Moynihan Prize

The American Academy of Political and Social Science (AAPSS), a COSSA member organization, is accepting nominations for the 2024 Daniel Patrick Moynihan Prize in Social Science and Public Policy. The Moynihan Prize is an annual honor that recognizes social scientists, public officials, and other leaders who champion the use of informed judgment to improve public policy. Candidates must be willing to deliver a major public policy address on the topic of their choosing and nominations may be considered over a three-year period. The winner is recognized at a public event and receives a $20,000 cash prize. Nominations will be accepted through November…

Register for AERA’s 20th Annual Brown Lecture in Education Research

On October 19, the American Educational Research Association (AERA), a COSSA governing member, will host its 20th Annual Brown Lecture in Education Research. The annual lecture aims to illuminate the important role of research in advancing understanding of equality and equity in education.  The 2023 lecture is titled, “Otherwise Qualified: The Untold Story of Brown and Black Educators’ Professional Superiority” and will be delivered by Dr. Leslie T. Fenwick, professor and dean emerita of the Howard University School of Education, and dean in residence at the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. Register for the event (virtually or in-person) here.

American Psychological Association Highlights New Research Efforts on Social Media’s Impact on Adolescents

On September 7, Research!America hosted a discussion with the American Psychological Association (APA). During the discussion, APA’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Mitch Prinstein, shared APA’s new research focus on the effects of social media use on adolescents. The findings highlight the need for further investment into social science research that informs safer policy and ensures healthier online environments for our nation’s youth. A few critical concerns from the research study include: In his concluding remarks, Dr. Prinstein underscored the importance of platform transparency and advocated for social media literacy initiatives to help pave the way for a safer digital future.APA is actively looking into…

Research!America Alliance Discussion with APA on Social Media Use in Adolescence

On Thursday, September 7, Research!America will be hosting a virtual discussion with Dr. Mitch Prinstein, Chief Science Officer at the American Psychological Association (APA), a COSSA Governing Member, on how social media is affecting our youth. Dr. Prinstein will be sharing insights from APA’s recent report about social media use in adolescence and APA’s priorities around adolescent mental health.  Bring your questions and register here. 

AmStat and COSSA Virtual Briefing: What the Latest DOJ Funded Research and Statistics Say About Crime and Justice in the US

On July 27, the American Statistical Association (AmStat) and COSSA will be sponsoring a virtual briefing concerning the importance of research and statistics to inform crime and justice policy. Join Dr. Nancy La Vigne, Director of the National Institute of Justice, and Dr. Alex Piquero, Director of the Bureau of Justice Statistics, for a discussion about their priorities for advancing the use of science in crime and justice including in the areas of forensics and DNA, corrections and recidivism reduction, and the effectiveness of police body armor. Learn more about the briefing and registration here. 

Ady Arguelles-Sabatier Named New AAA Executive Director

On July 10, the American Anthropological Association (AAA), a COSSA member, announced Ady Arguelles-Sabatier as its new executive director. Arguelles-Sabatier joins AAA with a background in anthropology and association management, dedicating her career to social entrepreneurship projects and non-profit fundraising for over 20 years. Previously, Arguelles-Sabatier served as the Senior Executive Director of Development, Innovation Philanthropy & Florida International University (FIU) Ventures, as well as the Interim Senior Executive Director of Corporate Relations at FIU. Arguelles-Sabatier will assume her role on July 31st, 2023 and will be responsible for guiding AAA’s strategic direction, enhancing member engagement, and advocating for the importance of…


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