APA Releases Report on Countering Misinformation

The American Psychological Association (APA) released a comprehensive report addressing the challenges of misinformation, particularly in the realm of health, well-being, and civic life. Providing eight recommendations for a collaborative effort between scientists, policymakers, media professionals, and the public to combat the spread and impact of misinformation:

  1. Avoid repeating misinformation without including a correction.
  2. Collaborate with social media companies to understand and reduce the spread of harmful misinformation.
  3. Use misinformation correction strategies with tools already proven to promote healthy behaviors.
  4. Leverage trusted sources to counter misinformation and provide accurate health information.
  5. Debunk misinformation often and repeatedly using evidence-based methods.
  6. Prebunk misinformation to inoculate susceptible audiences by building skills and resilience from an early age.
  7. Demand data access and transparency from social media companies for scientific research on misinformation.
  8. Fund basic and translational research into the psychology of health misinformation, including effective ways to counter it.

APA is a COSSA governing member. To read the full report, visit here.


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