Upcoming AAPSS Webinar: “Media Policy for an Informed Citizenry”

On April 17, The American Academy of Political & Social Science (AAPSS) will be hosting an open webinar titled “Media Policy for an Informed Citizenry: Revisiting the Information Needs of Communities for Democracy in Crisis”. AAPSS is a COSSA member institution.

The topic of this webinar is based on the May 2023 edition of The Annals, a scholarly periodical produced by AAPSS. The webinar will discuss how people obtain news and information and how changes in technology have influenced the availability and reliability of such information. The webinar will be moderated by Molly Laas of the Social Science Research Council and will feature experts from Michigan State University, San Diego State University, University of Maryland, and University of Chicago as panelists.

Attendees can register here to receive the link for the virtual webinar.

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