Congress Balances FY 2024 Budget and Supplemental Funding Package as CR Deadline Approaches

As previously reported, Congress is slowly inching closer to the end of their continuing resolution (CR) that expires on tiered deadlines in the first two weeks of March. While House Appropriations subcommittees have received their allocations for their respective bills, it’s still unclear whether Congress will produce the required twelve bills by the deadlines, produce a large or partial omnibus package, or extend the current CR.

In past weeks, Congress has been working to pass a National Security supplemental funding package to provide aid to Ukraine, Israel, and the border crisis. However, this bill has been highly contentious and, while the Senate has passed a version that does not include funding for the border, the House unveiled their own funding package on Friday. It’s crunch time on Capitol Hill as Congress attempts to pass both the supplemental funding package and the fiscal year (FY) 2024 budget.

As for FY 2025, the Presidential Budget Request (PBR) is anticipated to be released March 11 following the Presidential State of the Union Address on March 7. Appropriators are expected to begin working on the twelve appropriations bills for FY 2025 following the release of the PBR. Appropriators will have to finalize FY 2024 numbers before starting the process for the FY 2025 budget.

Stay tuned to COSSA’s continued coverage of the appropriations process. 


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