Sage Launches Free Collection of Social Science Resources on Global Democracy and Elections

On May 30, Sage launched a free-to-read hub of social and behavioral science resources focused on global democracy and elections. The hub contains a selection of free resources to help foster evidence-based discussions about the 2024 elections and democracy as a whole. The collection is accessible to students, librarians, faculty, researchers, and policymakers. It will help educators encourage critical thinking on key subjects shaping politics in a significant election year. The resources available include articles, reports, videos, and more, grouping resources into four key subject areas: Democracy, Elections, Teaching and Politics, and International Politics. Explore the free resources on the democracy and elections…

Sage Publishing Launches Sage Policy Profiles Tool

Sage Publishing has officially launched their new tool, in partnership with Overton, titled “Sage Policy Profiles“. The tool is free-to-use and enables individual researchers and academics to easily discover how their work is impacting policy. Additional functionalities of the tool include: Sage is a COSSA affiliate member. Learn more about the tool here.

Register for the 2023 Sage-CASBS Award Lecture

On November 16, the 2023 Sage and Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University (CASBS) Award Lecture will be taking place. Back in June, Sage and CASBS announced Elizabeth Anderson and Alondra Nelson as the winners of the 2023 Award (see previous coverage). Sage and CASBS are both COSSA members. During the event, Elizabeth Anderson and Alondra Nelson will deliver their award talks, then join in a moderated conversation. The event will conclude with award presentations. Anyone interested in attending can watch the livestream here or register to attend in person here. The event will be streamed live online…

Elizabeth Anderson and Alondra Nelson Win 2023 Sage-CASBS Award

Sage and the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS) at Stanford University announced Elizabeth Anderson and Alondra Nelson as the winners of the 2023 Sage-CASBS Award. Sage and CASBS are both COSSA members. The Award recognizes accomplishments in the behavioral and social sciences that push the boundaries of our understanding of social issues and highlights the role of the social and behavioral sciences in enhancing public discourse and good governance. Elizabeth Anderson is a renowned philosopher specializing in moral, social, and political philosophy; feminist theory; social epistemology; and the philosophy of economics and social sciences. Anderson currently serves as…

SAGE Awards Inaugural Impact Writing Prize to Social and Behavioral Scientists

SAGE Publishing, a COSSA affiliate member, has announced the winners of its inaugural Impact in Action Writing Prize. Administered through its online platform Social Science Space, the award is given to researchers who effectively communicate through writing how social and behavioral science research leaves an impact in non-academic spaces. The recipients of the 2019 Impact in Action Writing Prize are: Cheryl Durwin & Dina Moore from Southern Connecticut State University Lynn Thigpen from the Wisdom Project Maria Kreuzer from the International University of Monaco Ian Male & William Farr from the United Kingdom‚Äôs National Health Service (NHS) Trust Submissions for…

COSSA Welcomes SAGE Publishing

COSSA is pleased to welcome SAGE Publishing as its newest affiliate. SAGE is a leading publisher of research in the social sciences. SAGE has joined under COSSA‚Äôs new affiliate membership category, which invites users of social science findings and other stakeholders to join in COSSA’s advocacy on behalf of the social and behavioral science community. COSSA‚Äôs full membership list is available¬†here. Information on how to join can be found on the¬†COSSA website. Back to this issue‚Äôs table of contents.


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