Newly Elected House Speaker Mike Johnson Releases Appropriations Schedule Amidst Risk Government Shutdown

On October 25, Mike Johnson (R-LA) stepped into the pivotal role of Speaker of the House, a position that demands immediate attention to pressing challenges, including a potential government shutdown in the coming weeks, and crucial decisions regarding U.S. financial support for Ukraine and Israel.

Throughout his career, Johnson has been known for his strong conservative stances on social issues, particularly anti-abortion policies and restrictions on LGBTQ+ rights. As a staunch conservative, he has also been an active participant in the House’s impeachment inquiry into President Biden.

What may further complicate funding agreements, President Biden has requested $106 billion in supplemental foreign aid and defense funding, including $61.4 billion for Ukraine and $14.3 billion for Israel, as well as an additional $56 billion for domestic programs like child care and broadband internet access. Speaker Johnson has indicated his preference to split the funding for Israel and Ukraine, which could pose a hurdle for the Ukraine aid, given opposition from many House Republicans.

One of the pressing questions surrounding Speaker Johnson’s tenure is whether he can find a way to compromise with Democrats, who hold control of the Senate. While he may garner support for Republican-approved legislation in the House, it still must pass a Democrat-controlled Senate, where aggressive spending cuts he has previously advocated for are unlikely to gain approval.

To navigate these challenges, Johnson has proposed an appropriations schedule that includes seeking consensus on the last two FY 2024 appropriations bills, creating a working group to address concerns with the Agriculture, Rural Development, and Food and Drug Administration appropriations bill, and working towards a stopgap measure that extend government funding beyond the November 17 deadline that instead would expire January 15 or April 15, if needed. In addition, he seeks to take up the Labor, Health and Human Services, Education appropriations bill on the House floor during the week of November 13.

The coming weeks will be a test of Speaker Mike Johnson’s leadership and his ability to balance the demands of a divided Congress, to deliver on his proposed stopgap measure that he plans to negotiate to extend funding into 2024.

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