Biden Administration Release FY 2022 Budget Request; Read COSSA’s Analysis

On May 28, the Biden Administration released details of its fiscal year (FY) 2022 budget request to Congress. A “skinny budget” with preliminary details was issued on April 9. As with any first budget of a new presidential administration, the blueprint outlines several shifts in priority from the last administration as well as proposals for new activities and initiatives. Of particular note, the Biden budget underscores the President’s commitment to science as a means for addressing large societal challenges, such as climate change, racism, and, of course, pandemic recovery. To this end, the budget request proposes some fairly major changes to U.S. research agencies such as the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. In each case, the President wishes to create new entities within the agencies tasked with bridging the gap between research findings and the market, whether that be cures, therapeutics, new technologies, or other innovations or inventions.

Another major theme in the budget relates to equity and inclusion, particularly within the scientific enterprise. Significant increases are sought for programs and initiatives that would build capacity at research institutions by supporting, evaluating, and promoting best practices for fostering diverse and inclusive research environments.

Read on for COSSA’s full analysis of the President’s proposals as they pertain to social and behavioral science research.

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