Appropriations Halted as House Searches for New Speaker, Outcome Uncertain

As previously reported by COSSA, the Congressional Appropriations deadline has been extended to November 17 with a short-term continuing resolution (CR). Following the conclusion of this deal, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was ousted from his position in a 216-210 vote, leaving the House without leadership and unable to continue legislative business. This was an unprecedented decision made by Congress and a direct result from concessions made by McCarthy while running for the position earlier this year (see previous COSSA coverage).

Following a two-week vacancy, on October 17, the House held a vote to elect a new Speaker. Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) held the GOP nomination but was unable to gain the necessary votes in the first ballot. Without a Speaker, the House remains unable to function as normal. It’s anticipated that Jordan will continue his campaign for Speaker despite the setback as there are no other Republicans officially in the running for the position. It remains to be seen whether the Republican House will be able to advance funding legislation and negotiate final bills with the Democrat-led Senate before the CR’s new November 17 deadline. This is a developing story.

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