House Science Committee Holds Hearing on Advancing AI

On June 22, the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee held a hearing titled, “Artificial Intelligence: Advancing Innovation Towards the National Interest.” The hearing focused on the ethical implications of AI, the importance of responsible AI governance, and how increased public participation in AI oversight can steer the technology towards reflecting our national values. A primary recommendation that emerged during the hearing was the use of “red teaming;” that is, involving independent third-party experts who are given access to company AI systems to identify and address flaws.

Dr. Dewey Murdick, Executive Director of the Center for Security and Emerging Technology Committee, underscored the significance of red teaming. “Inviting external experts to test our AI systems is a proactive step to ensure their security and robustness,” stated Dr. Murdick. “These red teams will play a critical role in maintaining the integrity of AI systems.”

Similarly, Dr. Rumman Chowdhury, a Responsible AI Fellow at Harvard University expressed the need for a diverse array of scientific disciplines to  participate in understanding the societal impacts of AI, addressing bias, ensuring inclusive representation, and contributing to public discussions around responsible AI governance.


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