FY 2023 Spending Deal in Sight?

The federal government is scheduled to run out of money unless Congress acts by Friday, December 16 when the current continuing resolution (CR) will expire. Lawmakers have been working since returning from the midterm elections to strike a deal on top-line funding levels for fiscal year (FY) 2023. However, debates over how to divvy up limited resources between defense and non-defense accounts coupled with the incoming Republican takeover in the House come January have made progress slow. Still lawmakers could announce as early as today a framework that will allow them to proceed on a large omnibus spending package and pass it before the end of the year. To accommodate this, another weeklong CR will need to be enacted through December 23.

While any progress toward completing the FY 2023 process is good news, spending details within it are still unknown. Democrats and Republicans remain billions of dollars apart on their proposals for non-defense spending, while defense is on track to receive a 10 percent increase in 2023.

COSSA will provide an in-depth analysis of the final FY 2023 bills and what it means for social science research in the weeks to come. In the meantime, you can review the current FY 2023 funding proposals on our website.


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