FROM THE ARCHIVES: 100th Congress Convenes: Democrats Take Charge; Deficit Still Looms (January 23, 1987)

In celebration of COSSA’s 40th anniversary, we are diving into the decades of Washington Update archives to share articles from years past that resonate with today’s news.

The 100th Congress was sworn in January 6, 1987. Since then the Senate has organized and begun a series of hearings that make clear the impact of the switch to Democratic control. The House has moved much more slowly to organize and to resume its work. Details of the FY 1988 budget not included in the brief version released on January 5 will be unveiled the week of January 26. The President, burdened by the Iran-Contra revelations and by health problems, will deliver his State of the Union address on January 27. Once these events are out of the way, the season of hearings, markups, and compromises will begin in earnest. So will the maneuvering between the White House and Capitol Hill to produce a budget agreement.

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