Congress Returns from Recess, Gets Moving on FY 2023 Budget Oversight

Congress returns this week from its two-week recess to a packed agenda. Oversight hearings on the President’s fiscal year (FY) 2023 budget request have begun in earnest, with Biden Administration officials appearing before House and Senate Committees throughout the week to defend the President’s funding priorities for next year. Reports indicate an ambitious timeline in the House for considering the FY 2023 appropriations bills. It has been reported that House leadership is looking to hold floor votes on as many FY 2023 bills as possible in July, meaning the House Appropriations Committee and various subcommittees will need to complete their work in June. Appropriators are currently eyeing June 13-22 for subcommittee mark ups with full committee consideration penciled on for June 22-30. Leaders of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees are said to be meeting soon to discuss overall funding levels for discretionary spending, which needs to be determined before the bills are written. Of course, this could all change as Congress continues to negotiate on the next COVID-19 relief package and additional assistance to Ukraine. Stay tuned to COSSA’s coverage for all the details on FY 2023 funding for social and behavioral science.


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