NSF to Launch New Program on Research Security

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has disclosed its plans to introduce a program centered around the critical domain of research security. Named the Research on Research Security Program (RRSP), the objective is to review the nuances, breadth, challenges, and potential of research security. Key focus areas under this initiative include cybersecurity, security concerning foreign travel, training on research security, and instruction on export controls.

The program will aim to fund initiatives that evaluate methodologies to pinpoint research security hazards and the tactics to prevent and minimize threats. This will equip researchers with key insights on safeguarding their work, amplifying transparency and cooperation, and unveiling research outcomes.

As an initial step, NSF will sponsor a workshop amplifying awareness on this topic. This event will bring together national and international figures from the realm of research security to spotlight pivotal themes and subjects meriting exploration within the new program.

For more details on the workshop, see the Dear Colleague Letter (DCL): Workshop to Inform Development of the NSF RRSP. Proposals responding to this DCL are open for submission until September 25, 2023.

NSF’s next scheduled webinar focused on establishing a Research on Research Security Program will be on July 26 and you can register here.


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