NSF Announces Research Security Activities for 2022-23

As part of its budget request for fiscal year (FY) 2023 (see related article), the National Science Foundation (NSF) announced its intent to commission a JASON study this year, during FY 2022, “to provide guidance on the establishment of a Research on Research Security funding program” that would begin in FY 2023. According to the budget materials, NSF would conduct several activities related to research security in 2023, including:

  • Work with other federal research agencies “to establish uniform mechanisms for research investigators to provide agencies with consistent information on their appointments, activities, and sources of financial support.”
  • Stand up the aforementioned Research on Research Security funding program guided by the results of this year’s JASON study. The goals of the program would be to assess the characteristics that distinguish research security from research integrity, improve the quantitative understanding of the scale and scope of research security risks, and develop methodologies to assess the potential impact of research security threats, among others.
  • Working with other federal agencies, issue a solicitation to develop training resources for the research community to more clearly understand research security issues and disclosure requirements.

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