COSSA Releases 2019 Rankings of College and University Social Science Investment

COSSA recently released its 2019 College and University Rankings for Federal Social and Behavioral R&D, which highlight the top university recipients of federal research dollars in the social and behavioral sciences. This year’s rankings also feature a dashboard with an interactive map of recipients of social and behavioral science R&D funding so you can see how your university stacks up against more than 450 U.S. institutions. Based on the most recent available federal data, the COSSA rankings use an inclusive selection of fields representing the breadth of the social and behavioral sciences to calculate the total federal R&D funding received by universities in the social and behavioral sciences. More information on how the rankings are produced is available on the COSSA website.

The top 10 recipients for 2019 are:

  1. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill* (NC) – $126,694,000 (#1 in 2018)
  2. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor* (MI) – $117,218,000 (#2 in 2018)
  3. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities* (MN) – $44,272,000 (#4 in 2018)
  4. University of Maryland, College Park* (MD) – $42,681,000 (#7 in 2018)
  5. Pennsylvania State University, University Park and Hershey Medical Center* (PA) – $37,794,000 (#3 in 2018)
  6. University of Washington, Seattle* (WA) – $36,061,000 (#5 in 2018)
  7. University of Pennsylvania* (PA) – $32,888,000 (#6 in 2018)
  8. New York University* (NY) – $32,384,000 (#11 in 2018)
  9. University of Southern California (CA) – $31,958,000 (#10 in 2018)
  10. University of South Florida, Tampa (FL) – $31,580,000 (#9 in 2018)

* Indicates COSSA members

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