Biden Administration Releases Report on Mental Health Research

The Biden Administration, alongside the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and the Domestic Policy Council (DPC), released a report on Mental Health Research Priorities. The blueprint follows the Administration’s Strategy to Address Our National Mental Health Crisis within the Unity Agenda released in March of last year, and received funding through the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act of 2022. Among the priorities are: advancing mental health intervention and treatment through improving digital intervention and treatment methods; improving treatment for serious mental illness; preventing suicide; and expanding the mental health workforce while providing improved support. The report also details the importance of equity research regarding mental health and improving the accessibility of intervention and treatment for mental illness. Additionally, the Administration is focused on the intersection of substance abuse and mental illness.

Noting the unprecedented mental health crisis in the United States, the Biden Administration is seeking to understand ways to increase intervention and treatment in an equitable and accessible way, particularly for younger generations. Through prioritizing these research areas, the Administration expects to establish communication and coordination across multiple agencies to improve how the nation addresses the mental health crisis.

OSTP is requesting that organizations email with new actions or collaborations they plan to take to support the report or mental health. Submissions of 500 words or less are requested by May 31. 


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