AAPSS and Niskanen Center Hosts Webinar on Preventing Gun Violence in America

On June 10, the American Academy of Political and Social Science (AAPSS) hosted a webinar to discuss a collection of reports on Preventing Gun Violence in America: What Works and What is Possible. The collection, published in the AAPSS’s journal The ANNALS, consists of fourteen reports focusing on different issues and solutions of gun violence in America, including mass shootings, community gun violence, and intimate partner violence with guns. The Niskanen Center co-hosted the webinar with a panel that included one of the report’s special editors, Dr. Kerri M. Raissan, and two authors of the report, Dr. Jaclyn Schildkraut and Dr. Jennifer Paruk.

The discussion focused on preventing gun violence through different tactics that included standardized threat assessments, bridging the gap between federal programs and nonprofit organizations working towards gun violence prevention, and enacting evidence-based policies and practices that are community driven. Further, Dr. Schildkraut emphasized the need to focus on preventing gun violence, especially in reference to mass shootings, continuously rather than on a reactive basis.

AAPSS and the Niskanen Center will be co-hosting a second webinar on Gun Rights and Responsibility in America on July 20.


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