Congress Likely Averts Government Shutdown, CR through December 11

On September 22, the House of Representatives struck a deal to keep the government operating into the new fiscal year that begins on October 1. The Senate is expected to pass the measure this week, sending it to the President before fiscal year (FY) 2020 ends on September 30. None of the twelve appropriations bills for FY 2021 have been enacted to date, although as previously reported, the House passed its versions back in July (see COSSA’s coverage).

Congressional leaders are also attempting a last-ditch effort this week to find compromise on a COVID-19 relief package. House Democrats released a slimmed-down version of its Heroes Act to restart discussions; however, there remains little hope that agreement will be made before lawmakers leave for the campaign trail in the coming days.

Finally, 54 Members of the House of Representatives sent a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy last week urging $3 billion in emergency relief for the National Science Foundation in the next COVID-19 package. The revised Heroes Act noted earlier does not currently include this funding.

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