CIA Establishes First-Ever Federal Laboratory

On September 21, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) announced the establishment of CIA Labs, a new research and development office focused on science and technology issues affecting national intelligence, marking the establishment of the CIA’s first ever federal laboratory.

Some of the stated priorities of the laboratory include:

  • advanced materials and manufacturing;
  • artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics;
  • bioscience and biotechnology;
  • distributed ledger/blockchain-enabled technologies;
  • virtual and augmented reality;
  • high performance and quantum computing;
  • future wireless and telecommunications technologies; and
  • robotic, autonomous, and human interface systems.

While it appears CIA Labs will be primarily performing in-house research, the CIA’s announcement alludes to future opportunities for internships and externships, as well as a call for partnerships between the labs, research organizations and academia. Submissions for partnership ideas and more information can be found on the CIA website.

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