NIH Releases Agency-Wide Strategic Plan for COVID-19 Research

On July 13, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) released an agency-wide strategic plan on how NIH intends to direct research in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The plan is intended to provide a framework of new research programs and repurposing of existing programs that would assist in mobilizing the research community in developing treatments, prevention methods, and vaccines. The strategic plan cites five overarching priorities for NIH in responding to COVID-19:

  • Improve fundamental knowledge of COVID-19 disease progression, outcomes, and recovery.
  • Advance research to improve detection by developing and validating new assays and retooling existing diagnostic platforms.
  • Support research to advance treatment by evaluating new or repurposing existing treatments and defining implementation strategies.
  • Accelerate research to improve prevention by developing vaccines, other methods to prevent transmission, and implementation models.
  • Prevent and redress poor COVID-19 outcomes in health disparity and vulnerable populations.

The strategic plan and more information is available on the NIH website.

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