National Academy of Medicine Launches Healthy Longevity Global Competition

The National Academy of Medicine, with collaboration from the National Institute on Aging at the National Institutes of Health and several other global research organizations, has launched the Healthy Longevity Global Competition. This international competition seeks for researchers in the social sciences and other fields to submit research ideas aiming to extend the healthy human lifespan. The other participating global organizations are the Academia Sinica of Taiwan, the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, EIT Health, the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development, the Ministry of Health and National Research Foundation of Singapore, and UK Research and Innovation.

The competition will consist of three award phases:

  • Catalyst Phase: Up to 500 awards worth $50,000 each will be issued as seed funding for innovative research ideas.
  • Accelerator Phase: Select awardees from the Catalyst Phase who have demonstrated significant progress and innovation will be chosen to receive awards worth $500,000 or more.
  • Grand Prize: One or more prizes of up to $5 million will be awarded to breakthrough achievements in the extension of the healthy human lifespan.

Applications for the Catalyst Phase open in January 2020. More information about the competition can be found on the Healthy Longevity Global Competition website.

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