COSSA Creates New Portal to Collect Social Science Success Stories

COSSA has created a new portal for members and other stakeholders to share stories of social science successes to aid in its work to promote the value of the social and behavioral sciences to Congress, the White House, Executive Branch agencies, and the public. COSSA is seeking tangible examples from the social and behavioral sciences to help make the case that federal investment in these sciences is not only a wise use of taxpayer dollars, but that this research yields results that make the nation and world healthier, safer, and more prosperous.

Anyone interested in furthering the social and behavioral sciences is invited to submit stories through the COSSA website—whether it be a research success, an example of how social science is being used effectively in your community, an educational experience or teacher who shaped the trajectory of your social science career, or any other experience or activity that showcases the many positive impacts the social and behavioral sciences make to all aspects of life. Submission are only be viewable by the COSSA staff. Submitters will be contacted if COSSA is interested in using their stories in public materials.

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