Alliance for Integrative Approaches to Extreme Environmental Events Accepting Nominations for Steering Committee

The Alliance for Integrative Approaches to Extreme Environmental Events, a new organization of stakeholders seeking to improve our understanding, prediction of, and response to extreme environmental events, is soliciting applications and nominations for individuals to serve as inaugural members of its steering committee. Read on for more details on how the Alliance and how to submit nominations. Applications are due on February 28, 2017.

About the Alliance: The Alliance for Integrative Approaches to Extreme Environmental Events, or Alliance, is a community-initiated and community-governed framework that brings together a broad group of organizations, collaborators and sectors to improve our understanding, prediction of and response to extreme environmental events. Participants and stakeholders include but are not limited to academic and independent researchers from a wide array of disciplines (e.g., physical science, engineering, technology, social, behavioral and economic sciences, humanities), operational practitioners including forecasters and emergency managers, local, state and federal agencies, non-profit organizations, for-profit private companies, philanthropists and entrepreneurs.

The goal of the Alliance is to help participants and stakeholders overcome obstacles to meaningful interaction so that substantial progress can be made in addressing extreme environmental challenges, and also to facilitate interdisciplinary research, and the associated transition of research outcomes to practice – including rapid technology prototyping and insertion – in ways that advance the Nation’s agenda to substantially reduce societal harm from extreme environmental events.

About the Steering Committee: The Alliance is governed by a volunteer Steering Committee of individuals, serving three year staggered terms (renewable once before a year hiatus), drawn from the wide array of disciplines, organizations and sectors listed above.  The Steering Committee has overall responsibility for governing the Alliance and is the formal group to which the small Alliance leadership team (Director, staff) reports.  Importantly, the Steering Committee has responsibility of selecting and evaluating the Director.  The Chair of the Steering Committee is selected by the Committee, and additional details regarding the Steering Committee may be found in Section 7 of the document linked at .

Eligibility:  Anyone is eligible to serve on the Alliance Steering Committee if they have an interest in its mission and bring useful expertise and experience.

Process: Those wishing to serve on the Alliance Steering Committee, or nominate individuals to do so, should visit the Alliance web site ( and click the link titled “Steering Committee Application.”  Materials required including standard contact information, an up-loadable curriculum vitae, and a brief statement describing the candidate’s qualifications for serving.  The Alliance Writing Team (see web site), augmented by several other individuals from the private sector, broadcast sector, emergency management community, and other sectors, will select the inaugural Steering Committee members.

The deadline for application is February 28, 2017, and membership will be announced by March 15, 2017.

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