Cancer Moonshot Task Force Report Released

On October 17, the Cancer Moonshot Task Force released a report laying out its implementation plans for accelerating progress in cancer research and care. The plan includes actions launched under the Cancer Moonshot this year as well as  longer-term strategies for the initiative. Established by President Barack Obama, the Task Force consists of 20 federal departments, agencies, and White House offices, with leadership provided by Vice President Joe Biden. The Task Force’s efforts are not intended to supplant existing cancer programs, initiatives, and polices, but to coordinate these efforts in an attempt to quicken the progress associated with them. The report contains five strategic goals: (1) catalyze new scientific breakthroughs, (2) unleash the power of data by “maximizing access to and usability of these data to enhance, improve, and inform,” (3) increase the pace of new therapies, (4) strengthen efforts surrounding prevention and diagnosis, and (5) improve patient access and care. The Task Force notes that the plan is designed to serve as a blueprint for future Administrations (the report was released before last week’s elections). It also includes new commitments made by both the public and private sectors.

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