Funding Opportunity Announcements

  • AHRQ: Notice of Intent to Publish Funding Opportunity Announcements to Promote Implementation Science (R01) and Dissemination and Implementation Studies (R18) (NOT-HS-17-002)
  • AHRQ: Large Health Services Research Demonstration and Dissemination Projects for Prevention of Healthcare-Associated Infections (R18) (PA-17-007)
  • AHRQ: Large Research Projects for Prevention of Healthcare-Associated Infections (R01) (PA-17-008)
  • NIFA: Organic Agriculture Research and Extension Initiative (USDA-NIFA-ICGP-006124)

NIH Opportunities:

  • NIH: Notice of Interest in High Priority Research in Bioethical, Legal, and Societal Implications of Biomedical Research (NOT-LM-17-001) [NLM, NCCIH, NCI, NEI, NHGRI, NIA, NIAAA, NIAID, NIAMS, NIBIB, NIDA, NIDCD, NICDR, NIEHS, NIMH, NIMHD NINDS, NINR]
  • BRAIN Initiative: Research on the Ethical Implications of Advancements in Neurotechnology and Brain Science (R01) (RFA-MH-17-260)
  • NCCIH: Development and/or Validation of Devices or Electronic Systems to Monitor or Enhance Mind and Body Interventions (R43/R44) (PAS-17-022), (R41/R42) (PAS-17-023)
  • NCI: Coordinating Center for Population-based Research to Optimize Cancer Screening (PROSPR) (U24) (RFA-CA-16-017)
  • NCI: Research Centers for Population-based Research to Optimize Cancer Screening (PROSPR) Initiative (UM1) (RFA-CA-16-016)
  • NIA/NINR: Improving Quality of Care and Quality of Life for Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias at the End of Life (R03) (PAS-17-026), (R01) (PAS-17-027)
  • NIA: Aging Research Dissertation Awards to Increase Diversity (R36) (PAR-17-025)
  • NIA: Revision Requests for Active Alzheimer’s Disease Core Centers (P30) (PAR-17-019), (P50) (PAR-17-020)
  • NICHD: Rehabilitation Research Career Development Programs (K12) (RFA-HD-17-021)
  • NIDCR: Implementation Science Research to Improve Dental, Oral and Craniofacial Health (U01) (RFA-DE-18-001)
  • NIDDK: Addressing Health Disparities in NIDDK Diseases (R01) (PA-17-021)
  • NIEHS: Powering Research through Innovative Methods for mixtures in Epidemiology (PRIME) (R01) (RFA-ES-17-001)
  • NIMHD: Engaging Youth and Young Adults from Health Disparity Populations in the HIV Treatment Cascade (R01) (RFA-MD-16-003)
  • NINR/NCI: Palliative Care Needs of Individuals with Rare Advanced Diseases and Their Family Caregivers (R21) (PA-17-017), (R01) (PA-17-018)
  • NINR/NIDCD: Self-Management Interventions and Technologies to Sustain Health and Optimize Functional Capabilities (R21) (PA-17-011), (R01) (PA-17-012)
  • NINR/NIDCD: Use of Technology to Enhance Patient Outcomes and Prevent Illness (R21) (PA-17-009), (R01) (PA-17-010)
  • NINR: Addressing Unmet Needs in Persons with Dementia to Decrease Behavioral Symptoms and Improve Quality of Life (R21) (PA-17-013), (R01) (PA-17-014)
  • NINR: Improving Individual and Family Outcomes through Continuity and Coordination of Care in Hospice (R21) (PA-17-015), (R01) (PA-17-016)

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