COSSA Comments on NSF Reauthorization; Senate Seeks Input on STEM Workforce

As previously reported, the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee spent the summer engaging with scientific stakeholders to inform possible reauthorization of the America COMPETES Act, or legislation authorizing the National Science Foundation (NSF). In July, the Committee put out a request for input on the topic of “Maximizing the Impact of Basic Research.” COSSA submitted detailed comments to the Committee on August 14.

The Committee is now seeking input on the topic of “Building a STEM Workforce.” Interested parties are invited to comment on any/all of the following questions:

  1. How does the availability of STEM graduates affect corporate decision-making about where to conduct research and manufacture goods?
  2. To maximize the use of limited resources, how can the Federal Government, in coordination with the private sector and academia, best prioritize STEM education investments and help respond to shifting academic and private sector workforce needs?
  3. What factors should Federal agencies consider to measure the impact and success of the Federal STEM education portfolio and to decide whether to expand, modify, or replace individual programs, given limited resources?
  4. How can Federal agencies best identify and encourage implementation of promising, research-driven STEM education teaching models and best practices?
  5. What actions can the Federal Government, private sector, and academia pursue to broaden STEM participation and provide education and research opportunities to students from all backgrounds?

Comments can be sent directly to the Commerce Committee at No deadline has been given for this round of comments.

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